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Installation of Wine Cellars

Trust Artistic Wine Cellars to correctly and efficiently install your new wine cellar with the very highest level of quality.

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Learn how we work by reading about our wine cellar process from start to finish

Installation of Wine Cellar

As finish carpenters, we specialize in this niche field of wine cellars and make it our professional focus, meaning the workers installing your cellar have thorough knowledge of wine racking and its complexities. This has many benefits over using workers who only do wine rooms incidentally. We always prefer to use our installers because our vested interest is in getting you the best possible end product, and we cannot ensure that if we cannot see the process through to the end. With specialized tools and experience, we can be in and out fast with a very high level of quality.

Over many years we have collected a number of partners who are at the top of their respective fields: Wood and stone countertops, hardwood drawers, bentwood trim and arches, refrigeration experts, and top quality suppliers for the materials for our racking.


Once we are under contract with you every piece of wood is cut (and optionally finished) custom for your cellar. We also take exact measurements of your space at the last stage of construction so that some parts can be preassembled ahead of time, reducing the amount of time we need to be in your home during the installation phase.

Artistic Wine Cellars: Our Services 

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During your initial consultation with Artistic Wine Cellars, every question you have will be answered and we will have everything we need to get started!



Here at Artistic Wine Cellars, our expert designers will put your vision onto paper, allowing your wine cellar to have the right form and function for your needs.



Learn how it all comes together and goes up in your dedicated cellar space. We will go over any last adjustments during the installation process.

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