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Our Design and Craft

Complete your wine cellar space by working with our expert designers.

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Learn how we work by reading about our wine cellar process from start to finish

Design and Craft

We are, foremost, expert designers of beautiful wine cellars. We will get more detail about your preferences on layout, the specific makeup of your wine collection, and add in our extensive experience with what features really bring long term benefit to a cellar; what works and what does not. After we have designed, iterated on that design, and made sure you are completely satisfied, it gets sent off to manufacturing.

Through our many years of experience in wine cellars, as well as our much wider experience as framers, fine home builders, and exacting homeowners ourselves, we will make sure that you have a wine cellar that will meet your expectations for as long as you own your home.


That means ensuring an adequate vapor barrier, designing a climate control system that fits your home's unique dynamics, and an electrical plan, finish schedule, and wine racking layout that will make the finished product functional and one of a kind. Depending on your project you could decide to have us handle the full scope of work, utilizing our experience as well as our network of contractors experienced with wine cellars, or use your own contractor and have us on your side as expert consultants that will ensure the room is built to the highest standards.

Artistic Wine Cellars: Our Services 

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During your initial consultation with Artistic Wine Cellars, every question you have will be answered and we will have everything we need to get started!



Here at Artistic Wine Cellars, our expert designers will put your vision onto paper, allowing your wine cellar to have the right form and function for your needs.



Learn how it all comes together and goes up in your dedicated cellar space. We will go over any last adjustments during the installation process.

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