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Our Initial Consultation

Get a hold of Artistic Wine Cellars before you get started with your wine cellar project.

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Learn how we work by reading about our wine cellar process from start to finish

Initial Consultation

The fastest path to your perfect wine cellar starts with a no-obligation phone call to us. The best time to call us is before you have started your project. We believe that there is much more to the design of the room, lighting, sightlines, materials, and more than many realize. The quality of the wine cellar can be greatly increased at no cost just by planning it out to the end, right from the beginning. 

Getting Coffee

Throughout your first consultation with Artistic Wine Cellars, we will be obtaining a list of information such as your design preferences, the entire wine cellar building process, expectations and timeline, room size and areas, design suggestions or options we recommend, and lastly our cooling system options. The professional experts at Artistic Wine Cellars will explain and obtain all of the necessary technical information to get started on building you the best wine cellar. Trust the professionals here at Artistic Wine Cellars and get your free no-obligation consultation today!

Artistic Wine Cellars: Our Services 

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During your initial consultation with Artistic Wine Cellars, every question you have will be answered and we will have everything we need to get started!



Here at Artistic Wine Cellars, our expert designers will put your vision onto paper, allowing your wine cellar to have the right form and function for your needs.



Learn how it all comes together and goes up in your dedicated cellar space. We will go over any last adjustments during the installation process.

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